Other Services

With the continuous increase of consultants in all sectors, the demand for full service providers and personal contacts that do not change on a daily basis is also growing.

Welcome to RMI AG.

As a full service provider, we offer fee-based consulations and intermediation in response to customer requests and enquiries outside the field of risk management.

Business & project consulting

We assist in the structuring and drafting of contracts, the revision of business plans and help in the search for creative solutions.

Procuring contacts and partners 

In particular, time and again we procure interesting contacts and partners - including abroad - with whom our customers can work successfully.

Legal issues

We resolve specific legal issues concerning the business of our customers with the help of friendly lawyers and fiduciary agents or put you in touch with the right people.

Company formations

Due to its highly developed financial and insurance sector, stability and infrastructure, Switzerland offers interesting possibilities for establishing companies, subsidiaries and holding companies. We assist our customers with company formations.