Candid Wild, Lic. phil. (Graduate in Philosophy)

As a family company in the second generation, we offer consulting and services for projects, businesses and private customers. Our core competence lies in insurance-related risk management. Internationally oriented and with a well developed network, we live by our motto: “Holistic Solutions – One Source”.

Welcome to RMI AG.
Candid Wild RMI AG

Curriculum Vitae

• 1995-1996Exchange student in Moscow / Russia, member of the "ZSKA" ice hockey club
• 1998Internship as an insurance broker at Sullivan & Curtis, Seattle / USA
• 2000University Entrance Diploma (Matura) Type E
• 2000-2001Degree course (Economics and Russian) at Moscow State University (MGU) in Moscow / Russia; Worked as a journalist for the Russian-German radio and newspaper
• 2001Military service in Isone
• 2001-2008Degree course (Social Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Political Economics) in Bern / Switzerland, Master of Science
• 2002Field research in Cambodia; summer course at the NUI in Galway/ Ireland
• Since 2003Employed as insurance broker, administrator and project manager at RMI AG in Nidwalden / Switzerland
• Since 2006Consulting and board of directors mandates relating to Russia
• 2008Internship as managing director of the vineyard Bodega Vollmer SA in Mendoza / Argentina
• 2008Insurance Broker VBV (equivalent: "European Insurance Intermediary EII (eficert)")
• Since 2008Partner at RMI AG in Nidwalden / Switzerland
• 2010Insurance Expert (Actuary) with Swiss Federal Certificate

Preferred areas of activity

Support for medium-sized companies

Project management and project development

Part-time employment and leisure time activities

Work as a journalist in Moscow / Russia

• Several years as a tutor and support assistant at the Ethnological Institute of the University of Bern

• Several years as a part-time secondary school teacher in the Canton of Bern

• Registered ice hockey player for over 25 years; currently with EHC Engelberg (J&S coach)

• Organisation and management of various snow sports camps (J&S instructor)

• Repeated participation in the international military competition for the Schnee Eifel Cup in Bitburg

• Various outdoor activities and mountaineering

• Co-founder of a private literature club (since 2005)




• EHC Uni Bern, EHC Engelberg

• Literature club

• Wine club




German, English, Russian and French