Network & Options

As a family company in the second generation, we offer consulting and services for projects, businesses and private customers. Our core competence lies in insurance-related risk management. Internationally oriented and with a well developed network, we live by our motto: “Holistic Solutions – One Source”.

Welcome to RMI AG.

Achieving goals through innovation and team spirit

RMI AG sees itself as an innovative, flexible company that knows how to respond to specific customer needs and complex problems. In contrast to the cumbersome "tankers" of the insurance and financial industry, the company moves like a speedboat. When customary procedures reach a dead end, RMI AG often manages to find new, indirect ways to reach the ultimate goal, thus helping our customers to achieve business success.


In doing so, RMI AG does not claim to know it all or be able to do everything on its own. Rather, the company has the confidence to assemble and coordinate the right teams - with appropriate knowledge and services - thus enabling fast, flexible and optimal solutions.


Large network of global and national partners: Think global, be local

RMI AG cooperates with various co-brokers, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, financial institutions and selected specialists and partners from all sectors of the economy. In doing so RMI acts as a filter and combines the best contacts and services, while customer support is always personal. Specifically, we maintain partnerships with the following sectors, among others:


• Co-brokers:

We maintain active partnerships in Seattle (USA), with Lloyds London (UK), as well as in Moscow (Russia) and Beijing (PRC).


Insurance and reinsurance companies:

We cooperate in direct and uncomplicated fashion with almost all major insurance and reinsurance companies in the European market.


• Financial institutions:

Both as a customer and as a partner, we maintain excellent contacts with a variety of financial institutions.


Specialists & complementary network:

We work closely with selected lawyers, engineers, architects, marketing professionals and other partners to ensure that we can fulfil our claim to deliver holistic solutions.


More than just one day - more than business alone

Our focus with regard to customers and partners is on long-term rather than short-term relationships. The aim here is to generate win-win situations for all concerned. Some of these business connections and relationships with friends look back on over 30 years of history and are based on openness and trust, which can also be used to benefit the customer.